The Content

I’m a tinkerer. Over the last few years, as I’ve moved in and around academic life and into radio production—at times feeling frustrated, fulfilled, completely adrift, or some combination—I’ve always been able to find a significant amount of pleasure and solitude in tinkering with software and scripts. I’m interested in code and data, and, to some extent, “digital humanities.” But if what I share on this site needs a name, let’s say it’s about workflow.

The Code

This is a Jekyll site running the Hyde theme, with help from Bigfoot, jekyll-archives and glynn. The favicon is Ampersand by Loren Klein from the Noun Project. This site is hosted by Reclaim Hosting.

The Person

I’m a cultural historian and radio producer interested in sound, media technologies, nature, and data. Currently I’m an ACLS Public Fellow at To the Best of Our Knowledge, a weekly radio program produced at Wisconsin Public Radio. You learn more at my homepage and find me on Twitter as @craigeley.