Those of you on the academic scene are almost certainly familiar with H-Net, the online portal for all things humanities and social sciences. Now, H-Net has rolled out version 2.0, the H-Net Commons, which, among many other improvements, adds RSS feeds to any of the current networks. This means you no longer need to subscribe to an email listserv to find information (or tediously browse an online listserv archive), but instead can use your RSS readers of choice. (Mine happen to be ReadKit on my laptop, and Reeder on my phone.)

But perhaps the best part about this is that you now scan these RSS feeds using IFTTT and send specific entries to certain places. If, like me, you’re interested in American Studies, you might want all CFPs to be added to your iOS Reminders, like so:

IFTTT Recipe: Add H-AMSTDY Calls for Papers to your iOS Reminders connects feed to ios-reminders

Or you could also have all of the weekly Job Update posts go right to your inbox—even if you aren’t subscribed to receive emails—using this recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: Get an email with the H-AMSTDY weekly job guide connects feed to email

These are untested, and just a few examples that I came up with off the top of my head. Obviously, you could change the feeds and use these with any subject area in the H-Net network. Anyone else using IFTTT with H-Net yet? How is it going?

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