Moving Completed Listacular/TaskPaper Items to Sifttter

Once you have converted your Apple Reminders to TaskPaper files the real fun can begin: running scripts on those files to keep them neat and clean and moving them into your Sifttter workflow. This is actually a little tricky for the time being, since neither Listacular nor TaskPaper—yet!—add time data when tasks are completed. Listacular simply adds an “@done” tag to the end of the line, while some versions of TaskPaper or other apps will add “@done(yyyy-mm-dd). Either case is insufficient for Sifttter, which works best with timestamps as well.

So for this to work—and I know this is far from an ideal solution—you either have to tag your completed items by hand or use a second app that supports TextExpander. As weird as this sounds, I actually look at Listacular to see what I have to do, and then use Byword to mark items as completed using a TextExpander snippet that expands to “@done(yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM)”, where HH and MM represent 24-hour time.

Once you have your completed items tagged that way, you can set this Ruby script to run every evening as a part of your Sifttter workflow. It grabs your completed entries, moves and formats them over to your Sifttter files, then essentially deletes them from your files.1

While this works fun running at the end of every day, if you are already a Hazel user, I have gotten really nice results from running this script every time a file a my Listacular folder changes. If you are using TextWrangler you can practically see it happen in real-time, which is just cool.

Link to the Gist

  1. Technically, it overwrites those files with every line except the ones that were completed.

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